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Toyota is one the most success Japanese automotive companies in motorsports. Its history dates back more than 60 years and have major success in the most extreme conditions while working hard to build tomorrow's cars. Toyota refines every aspect of its cars across the world and applies its in-depth automotive knowledge and technology to every aspect of their business.

When it comes to the Gazoo Racing division is built on the Toyota Motor Corporation's President Akio Toyoda who believes GR's mission is making better-driving cars. Toyoda's hands-on approach allows him to take to the road and handle vehicles himself ensuring that every model in the line-up embodies the Toyota philosophy, "Roads build people, and people build cars.

Gazoo Racing takes part in competitive motorsports which includes endurance racing in competitions such as Nurburgring 24h and FIA World Endurance Championship, rally racing at FIA World Rally Championship and Dakar Rally, and sponsors cars in racing events such as Formula DRIFT.

The Long-Awaited 2023 GR Corolla

While GR Corolla shares the Corolla name, and the quality you expect, that's where the similarity ends. GR Corolla is the newest edition to Toyota Gazoo Racing and was given the stamp of approval from Toyota's President Akio Toyoda.

Born From Rally-Racing

The All-New GR Corolla comes equipped with snappy acceleration produced by its 1.6L 3-cylinder direct-injected turbo engine, putting out 300hp and 273lb.-ft. of torque. GR Corolla will be available in Core and limited-run Circuit Edition models.

Staying true to its rally-racing roots, GR Corolla will only be offered in a 6-speed manual transmission with a short-throw lever for quick throws between gears. This will be the first Toyota to features the rally-derived front-to-rear adjustable AWD system.

The cockpit will match the attack-ready exterior of the vehicle as input from professional drivers was considered during its design. GR Corolla's interior will feature rally-worthy gauges and meters, including a 12.3" multi-information display with 4WD mode, turbo pressure and a gear shift indicator.

The 2022 GR Supra

The latest edition of the Toyota Supra does not disappoint. Every aspect of Supra is fine-tuned and is designed for performance and style.

Did you know?

The Supra is the first Toyota model to wear the GR badge.

The 2022 GR Supra is built with a 3.0L turbocharged inline-6 engine that produces 382 horsepower & 369 lb.-ft of torque. This is paired with a quick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The GR Supra is equipped with launch control and goes from 0-96km/h in 3.9 seconds.

The GR Supra is built with double-joint spring strut front suspension designed for precise handling and light-weight multi-link rear suspension that improves wheel control.

Toyota's Sport Mode alters the powertrain to increase gear change speeds and adds more dynamic throttle mapping to improve shift crispness for a better overall driving experience.

A limited slip active differential is available in the rear. It uses an electric motor and multi-plate clutches to minimize under or oversteer.

The Redesigned GR86

The Toyota AE86 has evolved from being the go-to Tofu delivery vehicle to being promoted to the GR86 based on its competitive and sporty track performance and handling.

The 2022 GR86 has an all-new 2.4L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder boxer engine.

This new engine setup has 20% more engine displacement than before and it produces 228 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,700 rpm.

The newest GR86 is stunning with its sharp body lines and aggressive stance. Every aspect of this sporty coupe's aerodynamic shape was meticulously engineered to reduce drag, improve performance, and enhance fuel efficiency.

GR86 is available with a 6-speed close ratio manual with a short-throw shifter or a 6-speed auto with paddle shifters with Dynamic Rev Management.The redesigned boxer has an improved 0-100km/hr time from 7.2 to 6.3 seconds (MT) and from 8.2 to 6.8 seconds (AT).

GR Yaris

The GR Yaris is taking over the rally car scene with one of the most powerful 3-cylinder engines in the world. The single turbo1.6L pushes 257 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque.

GR Yaris is built for traction with its 4WD system and is offered with a 6-speed manual or CVT.

We can only hope that this outstanding Toyota model will be offered in Canada!

Cochrane Toyota Club

Cochrane Toyota is made up of a team who is passionate about vehicles in all facets of the automotive world. Some are passionate about our off-roading division Tacoma Town and others are excited about what is about to come for the newly formed Cochrane Toyota Club.

Stay tuned for updates on Cochrane Toyota Club's involvement in the local car scene and automotive sports.

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