Engine Air Filter


Your Toyota needs a clean engine air filter to run properly. Engine air filters help stop contaminants in the air from entering your engine and causing damage. Dirty air filters reduce engine life, miles per gallon, and can negatively affect the performance and efficiency of your Toyota.

Toyota Genuine Air Filters are designed exactly for your vehicle and greatly reduce the number of airborne contaminants from entering your engine. Order a Toyota Engine Air Filter from Cochrane Toyota to keep your Toyota a Toyota. Need your Toyota Engine Air Filter installed? Our Toyota-trained technicians right here in Cochrane can quickly install it for you.





Why use Genuine Toyota Engine Air Filters?
  • Made to Toyota specifications for a better fit and superior performance
  • Keep more contaminants out of your engine.
How often should filters be checked?
  • Filters should be checked at each regular service visit.
Why is it important?
  • Keeps engine air clean
  • Reduces wear on the engine and improves performance


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