Santas Sleds For Children

Providing 300+ Children With A Smile At Christmas, With a Generational Gift


Every child deserves to smile at Christmas, and Santa needs your help

This season is a time to re-live happy childhood memories, gather with loved ones, celebrate our many blessings, and give and receive gifts. This year, perhaps you know a pre-school child that could use a smile with a special Christmas Sled from Santa. It may be someone in your neighbourhood, in your community or maybe a child in your own home this year.

Please help me find a child who needs a smile by filling out a Nomination letter today. I can’t wait to deliver some smiles to children in your community this Christmas.






The Gloco Wooden Sled

Gloco has been building high-quality winter sports equipment in Germany since 1919 from the finest materials. The Classic Davos or Davoser Rodel is the ultimate traditional snow sled. In 1883 the first official sled race was held in Davos, Switzerland. So the name of Davos was transported to this kind of wooden sled. For 85 years, Gloco builds reliable winter sports equipment from the best wood. Original Gloco Davoser Rodel 80 cm Original Gloco Davoser Rodel is made from high-quality materials and with excellent craftsmanship build from beech wood with slat seat or belt seat, with 220 kg TÜVIGS-examined, CE characterized, water-steady and form-stable multi-layer runners, steel layers.
This Gloco German-made sled, if treated well, will provide a lifetime's worth of use.

A Great Traditional Family Sled.

 Size fits a pre-school child